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경남 김해시 인제로 197, 창조관 425호 (어방동, 인제대학교)

스마트방탄초소 처음처럼, 꾸준히, 끝까지


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  • Smart Bulletproof Guard Post (Army Post/Guard Post/Lookout)

The entire surface has bulletproof capability owing to the utilization of the bulletproof materials developed by YGM. YGM provides the smart bulletproof guard post with a drone platform that has a dual monitoring system based on manpower and drones.




▪ The functions and technologies of existing army post are still at the level of the 1980s. It cannot protect lives because it only offers partial bulletproof, not full bulletproof.  

▪ The entire smart bulletproof guard post is made by bulletproof materials. It can cover an even larger security area by utilizing reconnaissance drones, built by latest technologies, rather than solely depending on manpower.